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12 million boxes in archive and counting.

Information Management

Australia wide

With over twelve million cartons successfully transitioned into our secure records facilities, located in every Australian state and territory, you’re in experienced hands. When you use our integrated information solutions, you’re engaging the best expertise Australia has to offer to take care of your company’s most important intellectual property.

Information Management

Specialist archive boxes
and records facilities

Our standard range of cartons are structured to meet all types of storage needs. They are specifically designed with long term off-site storage and movement in mind. Our storage facilities are constructed with superior materials and have fully maintained and monitored fire protection systems including sprinklers, fire doors and VESDA.

Information Management

End to end secure
chain of custody.

The Grace security standard extends beyond our facilities, including our wholly company owned vehicles. These security-fitted vehicles run on designated schedules and are tracked closely from the point of collection through to our storage and processing facilities. As a result, your documents are under our supervision at all times.

Always more and quality assured.

Information Management

Scanning & hardcopy digitisation

On demand access

Information Management
Information Management

Facilities you can rely on

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Information Management

Digital Mailroom

Our Digital Mailroom solution, allows you to manage and automate the classification of incoming documents and correspondence (paper and emails) without pre-sorting and automatically capture accurate, relevant and validated metadata.

Information Management

Catalogue & indexing

Leave the organisation to us. Our trained specialists manage cataloguing and sentencing projects of all sizes, with pinpoint accuracy, to capture data and appraise records according to relevant disposal authorities.

Information Management

Data capture

We specialise in forms recognition and software applications, including: OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition).

Information Management
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We maintain the industry’s highest customer service and satisfaction KPIs, and consistently adhere to agreed project timelines, budgets and risk management strategies. We’re here as experts to provide a single point of coordination, communication and accountability as you launch your organisation into the digital future.

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Information Management
Information Management

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