Though recent deluge in eastern Australia has managed to put out one megablaze and the dams in the greater Sydney area received more than their entire annual rainfall of 2019 in the space of a weekend, there is still a long way to go for the country. Grace continues to be dedicated to assisting relief efforts, from matching employee donations to relevant charities through to working with our international partners to raise further funds.

Seeing the Grace initiative to meet employee donations, our friends at Doree Bonner International Group suggested that for every move our companies complete together, we both donate £20 (approximately AUD$38.50) to a disaster fund. All moves booked between January and April will contribute to the fund.

The funds will be directed to several charities, allowing us to provide assistance to a range of communities and causes, including the RSPCA, Salvation Army Appeal and, of course, our partners at St. Vincent de Paul’s Society. These fires have caused devastation to our public lands, private communities and unique native fauna and flora, and here at Grace we understand the importance of supporting restoration efforts.