How to Keep Your Family’s Important Documents Safe

How to Keep Your Family's Important Documents Safe

If you consider all of the important documents your family has, you’ll start to realise just how disastrous it would be for that sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands. Not only is identity theft something that families are now at risk of in the digital society in which we live, but losing documents to accidents such as fires or flooding is also prevalent.

What documents should you keep safe?

When you start a family, there are essential records that are created specifically for you. These documents include birth certificates, wills, insurance policies, mortgage documents and property bills, passports and travel documents, and banking information.

If stolen, lost or prematurely destroyed, these documents can have costly effects on your family. Replacing these documents takes time and costs money. Some may never be able to be recovered due to their nature, such as wills.

Keeping family records safe

Secure storage

Keeping good records is more than just having an organised filing system. Utilising proper storage solutions can secure your information from theft. These solutions should be lockable and easily hidden, such as a safe. You may also choose to trust your family’s solicitor to store some of these documents for you.

Make Copies

Don’t rely on the original physical copies of your records alone. Digitising records will ensure the survival of your files beyond their physical lifespan. Store these digital copies in a secure location such as a cloud-based system to ensure no one but you can access them. Cloud-based online storage is protected by layers of security making them a very popular option.

Don’t share passwords

Your passwords are like the front door key to the online world. If your documents or sensitive information are password protected, keep this a close guarded secret. Your passwords need to be unique and should include a combination of letters, numbers and symbols to make it more difficult for people to guess. Don’t use the same password for all your accounts and change them regularly. If you do need to write them down, don’t hide them near your computer.

Leave it to the professionals

Your security is best left in the hands of professionals. The Grace Information Management team are experts at securing your information and records. Whether they’re digitised, stored as physical copies or both, Grace provide a service that is second to none. For more information on what our team can do to secure your information, contact Grace.

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