Vinnies community sleepout

The St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies) is hosting their first ever Community Sleepout to help alleviate poverty and homelessness across Australia.

More than 105,000 Australians sleep rough each night of the year and of those 27 per cent are under the age of 18. The Vinnies Community Sleepout is not only designed to help raise much needed funds, but to also raise awareness of homelessness.

How the Community Sleepout works

For one night in August, members of the Australian public will register to sleep rough to help fundraise for the initiative. On the night, volunteers will sleep outside in a designated event space. Sleepers will receive two sheets of cardboard to use as a bed and shelter, a cup of soup and a warm drink.

The event allows members of the public to experience what it’s like to be homeless for one night.

Vinnies community sleepout logo

Grace Sponsorship

At Grace, we understand the value in our community partnerships and initiatives. That’s why Grace is proud to sponsor the first Community Sleepout, providing a total of 800 moving boxes to four of the NSW events. In total, Grace will provide:

These sturdy boxes will provide bedding and shelter for fundraisers sleeping rough on the night.

For more information on the Grace and Vinnies partnership, click here.