Top 5 Questions to Ask your Fine Art Removalist

The art of moving and storing artworks and antiques

Choosing a reliable fine art removalist can be daunting. There’s no point in leaving your valuable and priceless fine art pieces in the hands of a removalist you don’t trust. Instead of taking their word for it, ask them the following five questions. Their answers will help you determine who you hire to transport your fine art.

Will they listen to you?

Many fine art removalists will make promises and talk about the services they offer, but some will forget to actually listen to you and take your unique needs into consideration. At Grace Fine Art, we listen to you at every stage of the process. That’s how we customise a removal and storage solution, tailored to you.

How experienced are they?

Have the company you’re thinking of hiring had many years’ experience moving and storing fine art and antiques? Better yet, have they had experience working with museums, galleries or auction houses? Experience means that the company know what they’re doing and understand the ins and outs of fine art logistics. At Grace, we’ve had more than 100 years’ experience in the removals industry. We also have experience working with galleries and museums, maintaining their high standards.

How far can they transport your art?

A company that only has one location in the country may need to outsource certain parts of the removals process to a third party supplier. Getting third party contractors involved puts your fine art at more risk as there are more hands involved. At Grace, we have a national network to transport your art and antiques across the entire nation.

What security measures have they taken with their storage facilities?

Secure storage means more than just security surveillance. The security of your fine art also depends on the conditions it is subject to while in storage. At Grace Fine Art, our storage facilities are humidity and temperature controlled to ensure your art withholds its current condition. Our facilities are also secured by 24-hour surveillance, electronic inventory and tracking, Australian Customs and Border Security compliance and restricted monitored access and entry.

Do they consider potential problems?

Although it’s nice for a removal company to have a good track record, problems that fall outside of their control may still occur. At Grace, we provide insurance for those instances. We also understand what sorts of issues may be encountered when transporting art internationally as countries often have very strict quarantine and bio security laws, especially when related to antiques.

Grace Fine Art ticks all the boxes when it comes to a reliable and secure fine art removalist. Speak to us today about the storage and transportation of your valuable fine art or antiques.


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