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Whether you’re shuffling you’r contents to the house down the street or shifting your family across the seas, moving can be unsettling. When it comes to an international move, it’s normal to feel overly anxious while you watch your to-do list quickly stack up. To help ease the pressure, your best bet is to get on top of things early.


Precision Packing

When relocating to another country, packing strategically will see you through your journey. To properly prepare before you start packing up your house or apartment, begin by packing the items you’ll take with you on the place into three bags:


The Big Bag

This is your standard roller bag, the biggest piece of luggage that you’ll check-in when you get to the airport. Pack this big bag as if you were preparing for a 3-5 day trip and bear in mind that you can use the clothes in them for long stopovers en route to your new home.


Medium Bag

Think a duffel-sized bag. This bag is for essential items that will stay with you along your journey such as phone chargers, adapters and spare clothes for the flight. You’ll be amazed at how much you can squeeze into one of these sacks but save some space for a few sentimental items that’ll help you feel connected during the move. Remember to check your weight allowances for the flight before you pack your favourite bowling ball.



This itty-bitty backpack can be used for stuff like snacks, headphones and the book you’ve been burning to read on the flight. Store this bag under your seat so your go-to gadgets are always at arms length. Again, double check your baggage allowances before you start packing.


Quarantine Matters

When it comes to an international move, one of the stresses is parting ways with all of your familiar and sentimental items as they head off on their own way to your new country. To help you with this, the Grace International Relocation’s team can give you status reports on your shipment as they cross countries. We’ll even let you know if your items get held up with routine inspections so you can plan around the pause. Quarantine matters matter; talk to us one of our relocation consultants to talk about tracking your items.