Innovative solutions for corporate staff accommodation – Jane Riley speaks to Property Specialist, Marelise Ludewig

Innovative solutions for corporate staff accommodation

Every destination offers a wide range of accommodation styles to suit the needs, lifestyle and budget. As business becomes increasingly globalised, it is important to ensure every aspect of an assignment is managed with minimal effort, and finding the right home for their assignees and their families can take a lot of time and effort. Whether it be a long-term or short-term accommodation, corporate clients want their employees to get the right balance of quality, location and price.

My guest today is a property specialist in Grace, with over 20 years of corporate mobility services experience, she assists Grace’s corporate clients with their company housing portfolio and manages multiple tenanted properties to ensure her clients are compliant with state regulations. Her name is Marelise Ludewig, and I’m so thrilled to have her in the studio with me today. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

– What are the available programs for owned, leased and shared properties?

– Why shared properties are more cost effective for employers who have employees working in remote locations? 

– The benefits of shared properties in this heated rental market in Australia 

– When would an organisation or company engage in a corporate lease as opposed to leaving their employee to engage their own? 

– Tips for applying for rental properties and how to strengthen your application  

Plus much more.

Grace Property Management Solution improves efficiency and reduces costs, while ensuring your staff relocation and/or housing needs and portfolios are seamlessly, effectively and efficiently managed.


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