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Those Australians with an active gym or physiotherapy routine have taken a deep breath as COVID-19 restrictions are easing and fitness studios across the nation are re-opening. Though regulations vary state-to-state, business isn’t necessarily back to usual just yet. Regulations and guidelines to ensure hygiene and adequate spacing will mean that there are layout changes to be made prior to opening doors to fitness studios. As industry experts with almost 110 years of moving experience, Grace can aid those businesses aiming to improve their space efficiency and operations during this time.

Regulations within fitness spaces

Nationwide, social distancing measures will mean that there is four square meters of space per facility user, with at least 1.5 meters in between every exercising visitor. A solution adapted by many facilities already open around the nation not equipped to vary layout is cordon off or switch off equipment that does not comply with safety measures. This can work for some equipment, like rows of treadmills, but where weight machines and determined users are involved – this may not always work as well or be difficult to monitor. At times, a layout change is necessary to ensure your facilities are used efficiently as well as safely.

What can go wrong?

A lot. When moving heavy machinery, there are plenty of things that can go wrong and at Grace, over a century of national and international moves – the experts have seen it all. Heavy equipment and efficient layout changes take expertise to perform well and without hurdles, and when dealing with machinery weighing up to and above a ton with delicate parts and cabling integral to safe function, the best approach is simply to leave it to those that are completely equipped to handle the risks. Grace Workplace Solutions division is currently assisting franchisees and fitness studio owners, as well as physios and health professionals in layout changes prior to reopening. To assist with planning, Grace Workplace Solutions shares some hurdles they have encountered, and how GWS expert teams are able to offer a solution.

  • Dismantling and assembly – Where a move may require relocation into a different space, there will be a requirement to assemble or disassemble equipment or parts. To ensure complete safety of users, GWS removal teams consist of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment experts backed by a reputation of relocating complex hospital and industrial machinery for over 100 years. The FF&E teams leave nothing to chance and are equipped with specialised packaging, tools and know-how to be able to handle complex projects, and to ensure not one variable is unaccounted for – GWS consultants survey the site closely prior to quotation delivery. This is how Grace Workplace Solutions ensures that there is not a single sidestep from their customer promise and can truly offer more value to heavy equipment relocations.
  • Breakages – Accidents can happen at any time, and with heavy or specialized equipment, there can be a significant potential for injury which can be costly to a business that has already taken a toll to its revenue through regulated closures. Grace Workplace Solutions removal teams are first and foremost equipped with industry best liability insurances. Where a specialized approach is required, Grace experts can offer additional insurance provisions that are covered closely and with full disclosure during site surveys. Where OH&S training can carry a significant cost, Grace Workplace Solutions teams are industry experts with a globally recognized training program that addresses every moving step. The safety of Grace teams being the highest priority, as well as Grace clients, trusting the experts can mean mitigating a high level of risk of injury and damage to valuable equipment. 
  • Loss of components – Complex equipment requires a high level of attention due to the many bits and pieces involved, which are at risk during a move. When health and safety of users geared with high levels of adrenaline are concerned, there’s potential for loss of vital components. Grace Workplace Solutions function equipped with the highest tier of asset management that starts at a site survey with an expert consultant. By the time Grace teams arrive, they are already equipped with specialized packaging, and a detailed level of understanding and attention to the smallest detail. During a pre-move survey, these are addressed by working closely with Grace clients to develop tailored workflows based on expert understanding. Through a thorough full count and a high level of accountability prior to commencing work, and a full inventory of relocation tools, trusting the experts will mean that all components are accounted for and detailed, negating the risk of loss.
  • Risk of injury – Moving equipment around will have potential to cause injury if not done correctly, and where significant weight is involved, injuries can be catastrophic. Leaving layout changes to Grace Workplace Solutions will mean that completely insured, expert moving teams trained in world class OH&S practices are handling the work. Grace expert teams arrive at the job prepared with own equipment and specialised packaging to ensure that no challenge delays delivery. Without doubt, safety is of paramount importance to ensure that not only is your layout move completed on time and with diligence, but also with necessary care. This allows Grace clients to focus on ensuring that their layout changes are efficient without worrying that valuable support staff or equipment are at risk.  
  • Hygiene – While opening doors after an uncertain period of shutdown can be exciting, it is incredibly important to remember that hygiene is of utmost importance for both support staff and clients. Moving heavy equipment is highly strenuous labour, and to ensure that Grace removal teams are equipped to tackle any challenge, anytime with care and safety, the work teams have implemented a strict and precise approach to work hygiene. Grace teams perform comprehensive wipe-downs of all handled equipment prior to starting, and once finished. To mitigate the risk of bacteria spreading through contact, all Grace teams are equipped with gloves and are required to wear them continuously while on site and at work. Grace Workplace Solutions experts are committed to doing their absolute best to maintain the highest degree of hygiene during layout moves to prevent further closures or restrictions to Australian fitness facilities.

With over a century of moving expertise, Grace Workplace Solutions teams uphold a commitment to assist Australian businesses with every moving requirement with no room for error. This commitment to continuity is one of the many reasons why Grace is the chosen mover of hospitals, government institutions and industrial giants within Australia. With the scope of this experience, Grace are without a doubt industry expert that fitness clubs must trust with shifting layouts to ensure the best result, anytime, anywhere. Call us on 1300 168 358 to learn more about how we can help you.


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