GDO – Business Continuity Plan

The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV)

Grace is committed to serving its customers by providing innovative tools to support and maximise their productivity. While storing hardcopy records off-site can save money and space, fast access to critical information is not always possible. This was particularly evident when the country went into lock-down in March last year. In response, Grace devised a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) solution that offered digital alternatives to file retrievals and receipt of mail correspondence, solving access issues, particularly in a working remotely environment.

Grace has since assisted over 60 customers to ensure business continuity for remote workers and continues to offer this solution to MAV customers. Grace continues to refine the solution based on customer feedback, collected through regular Health Checks conducted to ensure a flexible, seamless and robust solution. We are currently offering our BCP solution at heavily subsidised rates to help businesses during these uncertain times. The program ensures fast, flexible, and secure delivery of documents for remote workers anywhere and at any time. The solution offers:

Enhanced Scan on Demand

  • Rapid deployment
  • Long-term, cost-effective solution that supports the transition to digital information management
  • Gradual library of digitised files which can be downloaded as often as necessary
  • Quick delivery times (within 2-3 hours) from receipt
  • Improved usability through format enhancements, including splitting files into smaller files, re-inserting wide-format plans into their original position, adding bookmarks for easy identification of key sections or documents, and enhancement metadata for auto-registration into an existing EDRMS
  • Auto-registration into our secure (ASD certified and VERS compliant) cloud-hosted Grace Digital Office
  • Notifications to authorised remote staff with encrypted links to documents.

Digital Mailroom

  • Regular collection or diversion of mail from post office boxes or client’s premises.
  • Collection, scanning, data capture and dissemination of your mail and stop any from re-entering the business.
  • Capturing the details including who the mail is meant for, what it contains, when it was received and where it should be sent.
  • Application of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to enable full text search functionality.
  • Upload of files to Grace’s Digital Office according to the date the documents are received.
  • Notifications to authorised remote staff with encrypted links to documents.
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