The Dangers of Not Destroying your Products

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Companies need to destroy their products for various reasons, including opting to destroy the excess stock, rather than discount it, and keeping faulty or defective protects out of the hands of consumers. Destroying the products is the most secure way to keep them off the open market.

What are the risks of not destroying your products?

  1. Harm to others

    Depending on the faulty product, it may be able to cause harm to consumers. If there is a fault that could put customers at risk, the most effective way to protect them is to destroy the product.

  1. Liabilities

    Faulty products that make their way on to the market may also cause your company liability issues. If your products do not meet both the government and your own standards, it’s better to be safe than sorry and destroy them.

  1. Devalue your brand

    If excess of stock manages to find its way to the open market, your brand may be devalued as customers will discover they can buy excess stock cheaper than your new products when they hit the shelves. Eventually, people will stop paying top dollar and wait for the sale of your over supply.

  1. Integrity of your brand

    Having faulty products on the market can also damage your brand’s reputation and integrity. Customers will stop trusting in the value of your brand if they’re sold a faulty product.

  1. Confidentiality breaches

    Not properly and securely destroying your products can also lead to a lack of confidentiality. If you simply throw away your disused products, such as security tags and IDs, they may find their way into the hands of criminals. Highly sensitive products need to be securely destroyed as they can put individuals at risk.

  2. Confusion over your brand

    Rebranding or changing your company’s logo can confuse the public unless the old branding is completely removed from the market. Destroy all previous branding on uniforms, business cards and anything else your old brand is on to prevent confusion.

Secure your company and its reputation by securely destroying your products. Grace offer reliable and tailored product destruction services. We GPS track your products from the moment they’re picked up until they’re securely destroyed within our highly monitored facility.


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