Capturing data from paper and electronic forms – Grace has you covered

The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV)

In almost every professional environment, the paper has been the medium of choice for businesses. While it made sense from an initial cost perspective; the cost of dealing with paper forms grows exponentially over time.

The more physical forms you have, the more resources you need – both time and money must be spent capturing data from paper forms. Additionally, paper forms can be lost, damaged, and degrade over time.

Grace’s eForm solution is a flexible tool that allows you to fully replace your traditional paper forms. Furthermore, eForms can be automatically filed to an ELO-powered Grace Digital Office repository and then processed, distributed, or disposed of.

Do you have forms that are not yet ready to be converted to an eForm equivalent?

Grace can assist you with a physical form design to increase accuracy during the data capture process. Following our forms design advice will allow Grace to efficiently extract any kind of structured or unstructured form – whether the data is handprinted, machine printed, barcoded, and checkboxes. The data capture solution provided by Grace will scan, classify, and store information quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

Want to know how? Refer to the attached document which provides clear instructions on how to design physical forms and tailor them to your specific needs. Information on the colour, size and texture of the paper, the dimensions of the checkboxes and even the colour of the pen that you need to use are provided in this downloadable document. See the attached sample eForm screenshots.

Contact us on 1300 209 026 if you need more information or guidance on how to set up the process.

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