The benefits of Document Management Systems

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Data management and storage is fast becoming an expensive and onerous exercise for businesses. These days companies are generating exabytes of data and need to leverage larger data sets more frequently. This trend is set to increase exponentially so managing and storing data is becoming more and more complex.

When information assets are streamlined and well organised they become easily accessible, and significantly less hours are spent on locating them. These challenges are more often encountered by businesses dealing with paper archives, but digital data can also encounter the same challenges if systems are poorly optimised. Disorganised record archival processes can lead to slowdowns in daily operations, legal issues and unhappy customers.

There are several reasons for archiving data, the main reason is to reduce costs, but other benefits include:

  1. Improved productivity. Well organised data makes it easy for employees to quickly access information that they need resulting in faster turnaround times. A keyword search can retrieve information within seconds.
  2. Easy retrieval and auditing. Documents like expense statements, receipts, minutes of shareholder and board meetings, contracts, and payroll can be easily audited and retrieved for legal and regulatory purposes.
  3. Improved document security. A well-structured records management system when implemented, will provide a document trail that shows you who had accessed, altered or deleted files. Document management companies like Grace Information Management can provide an audit trail which will include the details of when and who retrieved the files.
  4. Improved data management. By archiving your data, managing it becomes easier.
  5. Remote access and retrieval. Documents located in a central repository can be retrieved and distributed easily.

Grace Information Management can help you improve your data accessibility, increase data security, reduce internal resources, improve productivity, business continuity and disaster recovery. Grace Digital Office, powered by ELO, is a suite of world-leading solutions that can help build a seamless foundation for your business with fast search functions, collaboration tools, and mobile apps all deployed with a secure cloud-based data centre. Contact us on 1300 164 612 for more information.


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