Ways to beat moving day mayhem

The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV)

Relocating is stressful at any time and moving interstate is even more so. We believe that with some forward thinking and with the right assistance, you can make this process less daunting.

Finding a suitable property will be the most challenging part of relocating. The internet is a good place to start researching the suburbs and checking out the properties in the area you wish to stay at, but it is not the same as seeing the property yourself. As the real estate rules and agreements vary from state to state check with the local real estate agents about bonds, rental agreements and the best suburbs according to your lifestyle and budget. Alternatively, you could get family and friends to check out the properties you find interesting and narrow down the list to ones that are reasonable. Otherwise use the opportunity to have a holiday in the relocation destination by booking a hotel or motel and exploring the area at leisure before you commit to a particular suburb or a property. Another option is to rent or stay with family and friends until you are sure of where you wish to stay.

But you can’t do any of the above until you have packed up all your household goods. Now that is yet another traumatic experience to endure when relocating interstate, but it is also the perfect opportunity to declutter. Sell off or donate anything you haven’t used for two years. You can not only generate some income to help defray the expense of relocating, you could also reduce the cost of transporting them interstate.

Make a list of the things you wish to take with you. You can either pack up your goods and contact an interstate removals company to transport them or you could get the removals company to even pack them up for you. Research the company thoroughly and get written quotes before you commit. While hiring interstate removalists is not cheap, it is worth the peace of mind especially because they are experts in packing and transporting your goods with care. Use a trust-worthy interstate furniture removalist company, they will provide the packing boxes, packing tape, packing foam, labels, bubble wrap, and equipment like a box cutter and will come with mover’s trolleys and dollies. What’s more is that they will do all the heavy lifting. Once you done with the packing remember you will need to:

  • Redirect your mail
  • Notify the electoral commission and the local council about your change of address
  • Get transfer certificates and school records if you have children
  • Change your address on the microchips of any pets
  • Disconnect your electricity, gas and water
  • Notify Medicare, ambulance subscriptions, banks, superannuation funds and insurance companies of your new address
  • Change the address for your car registration
  • Get referrals from your doctors and dentists
  • Cancel gym memberships, gardeners, cleaners
  • Provide magazine and newspaper subscription services with your new address.

Contact Grace Worldwide on 1300 164 612. We have been moving people intrastate, interstate and overseas for over 100 years and we will be happy to help you relocate with the least stress possible.

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