Vehicle Relocation Tips

Vehicle Relocation Tips

Moving your car from your existing home to your new home can be a time consuming and costly task. Especially if you’re relocating interstate or to another country. Whether you’re moving a car, caravan or you have a collection of vintage mustangs you’re relocating, it’s not always as easy as getting them on a trailer and towing them away.

Understanding Quarantine

If you are moving overseas, your vehicle will be subject to local quarantine laws. In many countries, legislation around vehicle imports and exports are strict. In Australia, vehicles can be imported into the country if you have owned and garaged them for at least 12 months. You must also hold an Australian driver’s license.

Vehicles need to be inspected by quarantine to make sure the car is declared safe to enter the country.

In Australia, the following import approval conditions may apply for vehicles:

  • Giving the car a complete service
  • Replacing brake fluid
  • Fitting new brake pads if necessary
  • Removing gas headlights and replacing them with halogen lights
  • Replacing seat belts
  • Testing the car to make sure it’s roadworthy
  • Changing the car from left-hand drive to right-hand drive

To drive or not to drive

If you’re moving a caravan, car or boat, it might seem justifiable to simply drive to your new home. Consider the kilometres you’ll clock up and the fuel you’ll use towing everything interstate. Transporting vehicles yourself might seem easy enough but it can end up being a costly process. Don’t forget to factor in the costs you’ll pay to transfer the paperwork and licenses to new state or country legislation.

Trust the professionals

Grace are dedicated to providing a safe and efficient vehicle relocation service. We make it easy to transport your car, van, boat or motorcycle, either domestically or internationally. Our reputable automotive relocation specialist agent design a transport solution tailored to meet your needs.

We work closely with our service agent to ensure a smooth vehicle relocation on your behalf. Our vehicle relocation service includes:

  • Dedicated vehicle transport consultant
  • Local and international vehicle transport
  • Motorcycle transport service
  • Boat transport service
  • Prestige and collectable automotive transport
  • Van relocation service
  • Trailer relocations
  • Optional vehicle storage and transit insurance

For more information on Grace vehicle relocation services, get in touch with us today.

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