Fine art storage

At Grace, we offer tailored specialist storage solutions for your fine art pieces and antiques. And now, we extend those storage solutions to Canberra with our temperature controlled storage facility.

The room you store your art in can make a huge difference to the longevity of your work. It’s imperative you keep your art safe from dangers such as direct sunlight, smoke and humidity to avoid damaging your art. That’s what makes temperature controlled storage so valuable.

As with our other branches, in Canberra, we afford the highest level of special protection for your fine art collection while it is in our care at our specialised art storage facility. We offer solutions that are convenient, from long to short term storage solutions.

Our Canberra storage facility isn’t just temperature controlled! It’s state of the art and provides:

  • Climate controlled storage
  • Electronic inventory management and tracking
  • Sophisticated security systems
  • 24-hour monitoring and patrols
  • CCTV surveillance (internal and external)
  • Restricted monitored access and entry
  • Monitored VESDA fire systems
  • Painting racks

At Grace, we exercise meticulous care with every fine art project, working to gallery and museum standards as a matter of course.

Our team are passionate about fine art and the work we do and we always uphold a discrete and professional approach, from handling and storing single artworks to large complex touring exhibitions.

For more information about our Canberra storage facility, speak to our team.