How to move house with a baby

How to move house with a baby

According to website Moving Insider, the best thing Mums and Dads moving with babies and small children can do is plan ahead, and keep the little one’s routine as close as possible to that of a normal day.

Giving yourself extra time, factoring in play time, bringing snacks, and packing smart, can all help alleviate some of the stress on the day, according to the website.

“The best thing you can do is allow yourself plenty of extra time. Even if you’ve completed previous moves all in one day, loading the moving truck in the morning and having it unloaded by the end of the day, don’t plan on doing so this time,” said the article’s author.

“As any parent knows, the baby rules the roost and you’re beholden to his wants and needs on his schedule, even if you have a half-unloaded truck sitting outside that you want to finish unloading before dark.”

At Grace Removals, years of experience have taught us that relocations involve so much more than just furniture removal. With this in mind, we have developed a raft of specialist services to help save you time and effort.

For example, we can arrange a basic or comprehensive home cleaning service, either prior to packing or after packing and moving your belongings.

Specialised cleaning options include: oven cleaning; blind, drape or curtain cleaning; and window cleaning.

For more information about how we can help make your moving day a cinch – and ensure you have enough time to take care of your baby’s needs – contact Grace Removals.

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