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Document Storage

At Grace, securing your records in a cost-effective manner is our business.

Effective record management processes should be convenient and cost efficient with secure and confidential document storage. At Grace, we make it our business to provide an entire records information management solution to your company.

During our consultation process, we will identify your document storage needs and provide you with the best fit option that gives cost efficiency without sacrificing security or convenience. As a quality endorsed organisation, you can be assured your records remain secure and confidential in our care.

Our storage services include:

  • Catalogued document storage
  • Library storage
  • Open file storage
  • Climate controlled storage
  • Secure storage to T4
  • Heritage storage

Benefits of Grace Document Storage

Utilising the Grace information management team brings an unparalleled level of service, security and quality. Our storage facilities are constructed with superior materials and have fully maintained fire protection systems including sprinklers, fire doors and VESDA.

Our sophisticated fire alarms are linked directly to local fire brigade units and our electronic intruder detection systems and back to base alarm systems are monitored 24/7.

The Grace security standard extends beyond our facilities, including our wholly company owned vehicles. These security-fitted vehicles run on designated schedules and are tracked closely from the point of collection through to our storage and processing facilities. As a result, your documents are under our supervision at all times.

Prioritising Privacy and Security

Current privacy best practice suggests companies centralise data off-site under secure 24-hour surveillance, utilise systems that delete local digital content from viewing devices and require staff that handle sensitive materials sign confidentially agreements.

As a result, for many companies the storage, access, digitisation, auditing and archiving of client information is a key issue. A secure document storage solution not only protects your files but keeps them organised and streamlines auditing processes.

Grace places your security as our first priority, meaning you can trust us to securely store your documents and maintain your anonymity in a cost-effective manner.

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