Digital Mailroom Solutions

Grace Digital Mailroom allows you to accurately classify incoming documents and correspondence (paper and emails) without pre-sorting, with 99% accuracy.

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Digital Mailroom Solutions

Grace understands that managing incoming mail and email is not only a time-consuming manual task, but also leaves room for manual data entry errors. The Grace Digital Mailroom Solution can either be an onsite deployment, utilising your own (or Grace) staff or a fully-outsourced solution.

Utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, the Digital Mailroom solution allows you to accurately classify incoming documents and correspondence (paper and emails) without pre-sorting, capture and validate relevant metadata, and automatically register the items all with 99% accuracy.

All paper mail items and emails are processed without requiring manual registration of the scanned item into the Grace Digital Office repository. Furthermore, an optional copy of the email and all of its attachments that can be opened plus a list of attachments in formats that cannot be opened, can be created as an additional, single pdf record of the email together with its text content and attachments.

The Digital Mailroom’s strength comes from its capacity to validate data in the incoming mail items and correspondence to your different systems (Name and Address, Property Register, Rates Modules, etc) and enrich the information received with relevant metadata. Using AI, as mail items are entered into the solution, the system remembers for next time the same item is received. The data extracted is then formatted according to your business rules are then exported into Grace Digital Office automatically.

As part of the set-up of your Digital Mailroom, Grace will provision your very own Grace Digital Office and provide you with a user account to search, retrieve, workflow to an actioning officer of group or simply download your records all within a secure and compliant environment.


Through the use of common connectors and Grace Digital Office’s open architecture, the processed items can also be registered into existing leading Document Management Systems.

The Advantages

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning automatically classify incoming paper mail items and email correspondence
  • Eliminate costs associated with manual data capture and registration of inbound mail and emails
  • 99% accuracy of relevant metadata utilising existing system data
  • Create and all-in-one PDF of emails with content and attachments
  • Records can be accessed anytime, anywhere, by multiple authorised users via our secure Grace Digital Office

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