The complete interstate moving guide to Adelaide

The complete interstate moving guide to Adelaide

All you need to know before you move to Adelaide.

Adelaide has a laidback lifestyle, but has a lot to offer for anyone planning to move there. The biggest attractions are the beaches, wineries and reasonable housing prices. You can access a beach within a few minutes from the central business district.

  • 40-minute drive to Moana Beach
  • 30-minute drive to Seacliff Beach
  • 25-minute drive to Glenelg and Brighton Beaches
  • 20-minute drive to Henley

A short tram ride from the city will take you to Glenelg Beach which teems with cafes, boutiques and restaurants. And the more tranquil, family friendly Brighton Beach is only 10 minutes away from Glenelg which also has several cafes, alfresco and casual dining options. Further down the coast you will encounter Port Noralunga with its crystal-clear waters. Christies and Moana Beaches are ideal for surfing and body boarding.

The city also hosts a fair few cultural events like the Adelaide Fringe Festival, The Adelaide Show, and WOMAdelaide.

Properties – Buying and Renting

The cost of buying or renting in Adelaide is a lot more reasonable than Melbourne or Sydney so relocating to Adelaide will be a wise choice. While the median house price for Sydney is in the vicinity of over $1 million, a house in Adelaide will be around $550K. The added benefit is that the culture and lifestyle are more relaxed and community minded.

Educational facilities

The complete interstate moving guide to Adelaide
University of Adelaide North Terrace. Source: The University of Adelaide

Adelaide has some prestigious universities that cater to those interested in pursuing higher education. These include the University of Adelaide, Flinders University, University of South Australia, Carnegie Mellon University and Torrens University.

Some of the schools in Adelaide and surrounds are: Scotch College, Mercedes College, Roma Mitchell Secondary College, St Andrew’s School, Christian Brothers College, Loreto College, St Peter’s Girls School, Pulteney Grammar School, and Prince Alfred College.

Where to wine and dine

The complete interstate moving guide to Adelaide
Koomo Restaurant & Bar at Crowne Plaza Adelaide. Source: Best Restaurants of Australia

The dining scene in Adelaide has been improving recently and there are a fair few restaurants that will cater to every conceivable palate. The range spans 15-course degustations to Italian and African inspired meals.

Africola, located in the CBD is one of the best restaurants in Adelaide so bookings are hard to get. The menus include sprouted lentils, fried cauliflower, sardines with harissa, deep fried eggplant and dhals.

Shobosho, is a Japanese restaurant that offers flavoursome dishes like yakitori, dumplings, noodles, sashimi, and bao. The ambience is warm and inviting with a distinct Japanese look.

Madre, a Napoli style pizza restaurant has a range of sides and salads and flavour-filled edibles that will want you to come back for more.

Peel Street offers generous plates of fresh food spiced with Middle Eastern and South East Asian seasonings that continue to tantalise the taste buds long after the meal.

What weather to expect

In summer the thermometer mostly hovers around 16.5 – 28.5 degrees centigrade and occasionally shoots up to 40 degrees centigrade. Autumn is pleasant with temperatures a modest 12.5 – 22.5 degrees centigrade that is complemented with autumn’s golden hues. Spring’s temperature is not dissimilar to Autumn. Winter temperatures can drop to 8 degrees centigrade and Adelaide Hills can experience frost during winter.

How to get around

The complete interstate moving guide to Adelaide
Adelaide Tram. Source: Adelaide Beaches

There is the Glenelg tram that trundles from the CBD to the beachside suburb of Glenelg every 15 minutes during off peak times and every 5 minutes during peak hour.

Buses are the most popular mode of travel. The bus routes span all of Adelaide and interstate buses connect Adelaide to other Australian towns and cities.

With 6 lines and 81 stations, trains provide all the transport required to get around Adelaide conveniently.

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