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While you might want to forget about your bad 80s perm, the humble high school yearbook is a valuable piece of history.

A memory book, a history book, a record book and a reference book in one, the yearbook marks a major time in most people’s live.

However, it is not uncommon for this historical record to go missing. Students may have read it from cover to cover in the weeks after it was printed, but soon after the yearbook gets thrown into a storage box and forgotten about. Some grow up, move out of home and never get around to collecting it again or the only copy is given to one sibling, while the others miss out.

Now, with the help of modern technology, old high school yearbooks are being brought back to life.

Grace Information Management has digitised hundreds of school yearbooks, with school’s now recognising the significance of the book. Digitising school yearbooks not only benefits the school but also former students, family history researchers and current students.

Most Australian high schools have a yearbook of some description, tracking the school achievements and attendees for any given year. With some schools dating back to the 1820s, that’s almost 200 years of valuable school history contained in the pages of these books. Prestigious private schools, in particular, are lauded in history and often feature an alumnus of who’s who in Australian sports and politics.

Past yearbooks are now being seen as a valuable public relations asset. Posting high-quality scans of past yearbooks on a school’s website is an innovative and exciting way to build a school’s reputation, impress prospective donors, and reconnect with alumni. Scanned copies of yearbooks also enable schools to easily reproduce photos for reunion and assembly slideshows.

Yearbooks can feature photos of each student attending that year, or at the very least photos of senior students. For former students and family history researchers, these photos are invaluable. In circumstances where family photos are lost, through natural disasters or other means, the school photo may be the only remaining image of a person or their ancestor.

Yearbooks promote a sense of school pride and unity, which is why digitising them is beneficial for current students. The cover and pages of the book are covered in school colors, emblems and mottoes, serving to remind students of a shared purpose, while the historical images show students they form part of a bigger picture.

Grace Information Management can help transform your past yearbooks into new and exciting digital files, that can be reproduced and copied for whatever your needs. We guarantee to scan your yearbook from cover to cover so your school’s history is never lost.