Information management solutions

How information management solutions affect your work environment

While not intuitively connected to the idea of environment, information management solutions nonetheless have an important role to play in the physical experience that staff and clients have in the workplace. In sectors such as healthcare, where physical space is generally at a premium, poorly optimised information management can cause or exacerbate space-related problems. Keeping large archives in-house doesn’t just take up space that would be better put to use for staff or clients. Studies have shown that poor use of space can increase employee churn because it makes tasks more difficult to perform and implies that the organisation lacks respect for its staff.

Moving information off-site with a professional information management partner frees up much-needed floor space for core business activities. Even a partial removal of old files can make information easier to locate, with the potential for a resulting increase in operational efficiency. When relocating documents, good information management companies will even offer an integrated solution that combines off-site file storage with a range of other services, including dismantling and removal of old shelving, cleaning, renovation, and full FF&E, to refit the old space for a new purpose — from staff offices to patient wards to meeting rooms.

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