value in information management

Many organisations avoid information management providers completely because they have limited money to spend on non-core services. Others may engage a third-party information management solution but not know how to make the most of the money they are spending on it.

Organisations will often engage multiple service providers for everything from cleaning and office relocations to asset storage and renovations. They can end up spending excessively as a result. This is a common problem in the construction industry, where budgets can be difficult to keep under control and cost overruns are common.

The best information management companies do far more than just store and retrieve information. They can tailor a package that integrates a wide range of non-core offerings covering everything from small office refits to the relocation of entire industrial worksites.

Consolidating multiple services with a single provider not only increases value for money, but assists with centralised organisation. For example, if a room full of paper files needs to be audited and archived, shelving needs to be dismantled and disposed of, and then the same space needs to be set up as an office using fittings and equipment relocated from another location, a provider with an integrated offering can arrange the entire process internally — eliminating the need for an organisation to dedicate its own resources to coordinating multiple individual contractors.

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