Scanning services

If your business is transitioning to a digital information management system, chances are you’ll require scanning services. At Grace Information Management, we offer specialised scanning services that are tailored to your company and information needs.

The process of scanning services

At Grace, we have a secure process in place to scan your information and records and convert them from physical to digital records.

  1. Collection or retrieval
    We collect the documents and records that you need digitised in one of our company-owned vehicles. These vehicles are continuously tracked so we know exactly where they are at all times. If your records are already secured in one of our storage facilities, we’ll retrieve the files you need scanned.
  2. Preparation
    We prepare the documents for scanning by ensuring the pages are straight, any staples have been removed and the spine of any books have been properly protected.
  3. Scanning
    We begin the process of scanning each of the documents you’ve requested. Our leading edge scanning technology and capture software allows us to provide a first-rate service of digitising all traditional formats.
  4. Quality control
    We check each digital image to ensure quality is maintained. Where an image is not to our standards we rescan the document.
  5. Indexing
    We index the scanned documents to make it easier for you to retrieve again in the future. Text-delimited indexes are attached to the files and transcribed onto a variety of media options, including TIFF, JPEG and PDF. We also provide conversion of digital TIFF documents to an analogue archive format for long-term archiving, disaster recovery and access.
    These documents are then uploaded and hosted on our secure cloud based system. Access to these is nominated by you. These scans can be accessed remotely by your nominated representatives from anywhere in the world on any device.
  6. Destruction
    Once we have scanned the documents you have nominated and you determine you no longer require the hard copy; we securely destroy it for you. These documents are recycled where possible. We can also provide you with a certificate of destruction upon request.

Our scanning services

Our systems and innovative technology allow us to handle all manner of projects, no matter the size or volume. Scanning documents is just the beginning of what we offer our clients. We also provide:

  • Scan on demand
  • Back scanning
  • Project scanning
  • High speed scanning
  • Optical Character Recognition software (OCR)

When you need your information scanned and saved digitally, get in touch with Grace Information Management.