security of data

Data restoration refers to the process of retrieving the inaccessible, lost or corrupted data from your storage, media or files. The data that you restore is then saved to a desktop, laptop, server or external storage system.

How data restoration works

Data restoration or recovery differs depending on how the data was lost and how it was backed up. Data restoration can also be used to retrieve files that were not backed up and were accidentally deleted from a computer. This data can be restored because the file and the information about the file are stored in different places on your computer.

How to ensure your data is restored

One of the easiest way to prevent the costly and timely process of data restoration or recovery is to avoid it going missing, being deleted or being encrypted in the first place. Here are some tips to help you keep your data protected:

Data retention policies

Having data retention policies in place helps prevent your company from holding onto data it shouldn’t be. Knowing what you have on file in your backups is critical to restoring data. You need to know exactly what’s gone missing before you can restore it. Having a data retention policy in place also helps prevent serious data breaches and is best practice when it comes to effective information management.

Cataloguing data

Data restoration doesn’t work if you don’t already have a proper catalogue. Cataloguing your data gives you the ability to easily store, locate and access information which also allows you to easily identify what’s missing from your backup.

New formats

Sometimes the reason data goes missing or becomes inaccessible is because the format they are saved in is too outdated to open on new systems and software. Updating your current files to a new format will prevent that from happening. At Grace Information Management, we’re able to restore your data to new and updated systems and formats that can be read by current and new software systems.

Grace Information Management

Some things are best left to the professionals and that’s certainly the case with data and information. At Grace Information Management, we provide the systems, processes and technologies to effectively and efficiently manage your information electronically. We offer an integrated solution and an ultra-secure repository for storing and managing electronic data. With Grace, your valuable data never goes offshore, ensuring that it is not exposed to the potential breaches or service continuity issues. Maintain your data integrity and prevent the need to restore data with Grace.