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You can expect to see more UK residents in Australia if news of the latest British Wealth Survey gets out.

The Survey, conducted by Lloyds TSB International, revealed nearly three-quarters (74%) of British expats reported they have a better overall quality of life in their current country. This was higher for UK residents living in Australia, with 77 per cent believing life was better here.

When comparing a British expat’s life in Australia with life in the UK, the survey found:

  • 55% were happier
  • 45% earn more
  • 53% have increased leisure time
  • 64% believe Australia is better for children
  • 54% live in a safer neighbourhood
  • 77% have a better lifestyle.

The survey also looked at the views of 1000 wealthy Britons with 18 per cent claiming they would consider moving abroad at some point in the next two years. Australia was fourth on the list of potential locations, behind France, Spain and the US. The top reasons given for the exodus from the UK were the weather (63%), crime and antisocial behaviour (49%) and high living expenses (45%).

The Lloyds TSB survey comes on the back of another study which showed more than a fifth of Britons plan to emigrate by the time they are 40. The survey of 1451 Britons aged 18-25, conducted by visa company Global Visas, found the prospect of higher salaries and better lifestyles the key drivers to wanting to emigrate.

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