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Australia will be the most popular country for UK expats to move to this year, according to a report from

Australia topped the list due to its liveable weather and strong job market – the latter of which is especially appealing to UK residents due to the weakening economy in the area. also estimates there will be a drop in the number of workers moving from abroad in to the UK this year.

“The UK’s weak economy means its appeal will drop for workers coming from abroad. There has already been a significant drop in Australians (typically one of the UK’s main immigrant work force nationalities),” said the website.

According to the report, Australia, Panama and Canada were the top-three move destinations, with the UK, France and the Netherlands pulling up the rear as the least most popular destinations for UK expats.

The report also said a rise in distance working means an employee’s location is becoming increasingly less important.

“Cloud working, Skype and Viber all allow meetings to be held from opposite sides of the world. Never has leaving your current country to work in another been more accessible,” said the report’s author.

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