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A new report from information management analyst group AIIM claims modern businesses are drowning in the sheer volumes of information they gather on a day-to-day basis.

Called ‘Information Chaos vs. Information Opportunity: the information challenge for the next decade’ the whitepaper includes 34 immediate actions companies can take to conquer ‘information chaos’, broken up in to the following categories:

  1. How to manage the risk of growing volumes of content
  2. How to transform our content-intensive business processes
  3. How to use content to better engage customers, employees, and partners
  4. How to get business insight out of all the information we are gathering.

“Information (documents, emails, videos, podcasts, voicemails, texts, tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn conversations, customer analytics, etc.) surrounds us. We rely on this information for entertainment and to do our jobs,” says the author of the report.

“Access by employees to information and manipulation by companies of their customer information to serve customer needs is THE competitive advantage today. Better information equals better results.”

At Grace Information Management (GIM), we believe that converting your paper documents to a digital format is one of the most important steps you can take towards better-managing your company’s ‘information chaos’.

By doing this, you can ensure your past and current records are easily-accessible, and therefore put to good use.

We operate leading-edge scanning technology and capture software, allowing us to provide a first-rate service converting all traditional formats to digital. In addition to your standard paper sizes, our high-speed, full-colour and monochrome scanning handles engineering drawings, architectural sketches, blueprints, sepias, detailed maps, drawings and large colour posters.

So why not contact GIM and let us help turn your chaotic mass of paper documents in to an information opportunity?