So you’ve got the plasma television, the digital set top box, the surround sound, the dvd player, the blu-ray player and the Wii all sitting rather messily behind the television cabinet like some kind of bird’s nest.

Then there’s the computer which is attached to the monitor, the printer, the modem and the external hard drive.

It might have all made sense at the time of setting it up but what happens when you move house?

At Grace, we can provide you with specially designed packing cartons to keep plasma or LCD television safe but what about the cables? How do you keep track of what goes where?

Here are some useful tips for keeping track of your cables when you move house:

  1. Take photos of the back of the television or computer- no matter how hard you try you will never remember where all the cables plugged in
  2. Label the cables You can buy cable labels easily from Bunnings, Officeworks, Kmart or other department stores, or you could simply write on masking tape what the cable is for, and where it should be plugged into your box.
  3. Rather than just throwing them in a box, roll your cables neatly. You can use cable ties that come with your freezer bags or put each one inside an empty toilet roll.
  4. Keep like cables together and try and store the cables with the electrical item they belong with so you don’t get television cables confused with computer cables.
  5. Get yourself a good cable organiser. Before your set your television or computer back up, invest in a good cable organiser. There are literally hundreds of designs on the market from practical to designer, so the next time you move, keeping your cables together will be a breeze.