Research shows that Australians spend almost a year of their lives buying and moving into a house.

A study conducted by Pure Profile revealed that Australians lose 208 days in their lifetime buying, renting or moving into a new home.

The most popular time of the year to move house was Christmas and summer, making that period of the year one of the most stressful for many Australians.

Time is money

Moving house on your own requires a lot of work. From selling the house to packing and relocating, there’s a lot to be done. Here are some helpful tips to cut down the time it takes to move house:

  • Outsource
    Save yourself almost a year of your life and hire Grace. Grace removalists will take care of the packing, loading, transit and delivery of your household goods so you don’t have to worry about it. Not only will hiring Grace save you time, Grace provide a professional removals service that Australians have trusted for more than 100 years.
  • Streamline your property search
    When searching for a new home, don’t waste every weekend visiting open houses. Instead, do your research online and sign up to regular real estate updates. You’ll be able to get an idea of the property from the photos and the floor plan they send out. That way you’ll only have to visit the open house for properties you’ve already looked at online.
  • Manage the move
    When it comes to packing for the move, don’t jump from task to task, you’ll end up wasting more time. Focus on one room at a time and get the family involved where possible. Not only will you be able to pack up that room in less time, you’ll also be able to declutter more effectively.
  • Set up later
    Don’t waste time setting up the house perfectly on moving day. Instead, set up the basics and take your time to enjoy your new humble abode. It takes time to find the right furniture pieces for the house so don’t rush into doing it yet and enjoy the moment.

Hanging on the line

On top of that, Australians spend half a year, or 133 days, on hold on the phone while organising things such as a removal company. Save time on quoting your next move and fill out our free, online moving quote.