Information Management Security

Each year there are new security risks to be aware of as the world of information management continues to change. Businesses now have to be more in tune with the security measures they take in order to protect their information.

Internet outages

One of the most disruptive and risky factors businesses can encounter in regards to their information and data is an internet outage. When connectivity is broken, security of information and data is at higher risk. Even brief disruptions can cause trouble as information is constantly being shared, especially between employees of a multinational company.

Information integrity

If the integrity of your business’s information is compromised, so too is your overall company. There is a growing threat of attackers spreading distorted internal information in the hope of gaining a competitive or financial advantage at the expense of their target’s reputation. Companies can protect themselves by monitoring what is being said about their organisation online and by keeping track of any changes that are made to internal information which can provide early warning signs.

Laws and policies

One of the threats both individual and company information is at risk of in 2019 is the threat of strict laws and policies as well as national security. As technology becomes more intelligent, it also comes under conflicting demands from government security laws. Companies now face harsher penalties for breaching the demands of governing bodies, especially when it comes to retention and privacy laws. This includes the regulations of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Rushing into new AI technology

As companies look to increase their efficiency when it comes to information management, they may run the risk of rushing into a new AI management system without fully understanding what’s involved. Not setting an AI system up properly can do more harm than good when it comes to the safety of your information. It’s also more important now than ever before for companies to be aware of their information and data and manage it appropriately to better secure it and avoid breaching retention laws.

Prepare your information management for the future with the help of the professionals at Grace Information Management. Our team of experienced experts will work with you to design a tailored approach to your company’s unique information management needs in 2019 to ensure you continue to efficiently run your business in a timely and cost effective way.