If you’ve been manually keeping your records, it’s time to start thinking digital. Nowadays, digital solutions exist to keep record management time to a minimum and make it more cost-effective. Digital records management solutions exist for records that are created, stored and managed digitally.

Benefits of going digital

The National Archives of Australia (NAA) recommends organisations and agencies digitise their records as paper-based information management in a digital world is costly and stifles innovation.[1] Thanks to the advancements in technology, the digital management of records is the most efficient and effective way to keep information.

Keeping your records in order digitally requires much less space than those that are stored manually. The storage and warehousing costs of keeping paper-based records can be decreased by opting to scan and save them in a cloud-based system. These systems are capable of high-volume storage.

Digital software can automatically track and tally the records you’re keeping, making it easier to generate reports. These files are also backed up for extra security and are not as easily destroyed as paper. The constant tracking of these digital records makes it easy for companies to monitor when documents reach the end of their lifespan and need to be destroyed.

When stored in a digital environment, records can be accessed more easily and more quickly from different devises.

The benefits your business can expect from digitising records management are:

  • improved business processes and better informed decision making
  • time saved looking for information with a more streamlined approach to information silos
  • ability to share information between organisations and re-use the information
  • lower compliance costs
  • ability to provide accurate, timely and transparent responses to legislative and regulatory requirements
  • cost savings through reduced storage, retrieval and handling of paper records.

Let Grace do it for you

At Grace, we understand that you don’t always have the time to sort through your archives and determine which records should be digitised. Using a new system or software can be challenging and requires time spent to set it up correctly from the beginning.  Our staff are trained to do that for you.

If you store your paper-based records with us, we’ll even recommend the best records to digitise first based on a number of factors including their relevance to your business and costs. We’ll also generate reports on your digital records for you and retain the hard copies or destroy them on your request.

Ready to think digital? Get in touch with Grace to discuss our digital information management services.


[1] NAA, Benefits of digital information and records management