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If you’re headed on your next grand adventure, you’re probably preoccupied dreaming about finally seeing the 12 Apostles or eating gelato in Italy; not about what to store. It’s completely understandable that the only thing you want to pack are your clothes. There’s a lot to organise when going on an extended trip, like keeping your garden watered, mail collected and house safe. Whilst it’s your job to go out and enjoy yourself, it’s our job to keep your items safe and secure while you do.

Store while you explore

You’ve spent years making your house a home and worked hard for the things you have. The good news is, there’s easier ways to protect your beloved items than taking everything but the kitchen sink with you on the road. For peace of mind, pack and store your prized possessions in mobile self storage while you’re away. We’ll deliver it to you and when you’re done packing, we’ll pick it up and store it in our secure facility till your return. It’s quick, safe and easy and definitely cheaper than replacing your furniture. Our Load 4U service can even pack it for you.  

Don’t box in your options

The thing is, there is such thing as a bad box and if they’re on the side of the road, they’re usually there for a reason. Clean and sturdy boxes will help stop your photos turning into mouldy memories – every time. Our heavy duty boxes are specifically designed to store books and homewares and our specialised packing paper is designed to protect your fragile items like precious glassware and valuable china. The best part is, we’ll deliver them to your door, leaving you more time to pack the things you really want, like your swimming costume and a good book. If you’re headed on an extended trip, knowing what to store and how to store it can be a bit confusing. For inspiration, check out our range of boxes and packing materials in our box shop or call our friendly self storage team for advice and maybe even some travel tips.