employee mobility overseas

Corporate mobility is no longer exclusive to the top brass. Current and future workers put more value on life experiences and travel than previous generations. Offering mobility and relocation is therefore a key recruitment and staff retention strategy for most modern companies.

Along with the increased demand for corporate mobility, there are many modern day technological advancements that allow improved mobility solutions. From advancements in enterprise mobility management to user-friendly learning apps, there are several tools available today to make relocating your employees easier than ever before.

On the move


 Gone are the days of struggling to fold a map and guessing the ETA. GPS now allows for route planning and more accurate arrival times. It also provides the added benefit of re-routing to avoid traffic jams and delays.

 Aside from being far more convenient, this also allows mobility service providers to accurately predict arrival times. It allows for faster and more efficient transit which ultimately lowers the cost for your company.

Shipment tracking

Electronic tracking allows continuous updates on shipments whilst in transit. This significantly reduces the risk of things getting lost and removes the stress from the relocation process.

Settling in

Physically moving is only a small part of the battle. Getting to know the new city and neighbourhood is a key part of relocating. If your employees are moving abroad, learning a new language or adapting to a new culture is also imperative.

Virtual travel guides

Travellers no longer need to head to the local tourism office to learn about a destination. With internet available to most on a 24/7 basis, your employees can have access to all the information they need weeks or months before the big move. They can plan their daily commute, find their nearest supermarket or register with a local bank at the click of a button.

Language apps

Whilst classes are a valuable learning tool, chances are your employees won’t have time to commit to evening engagements in the months leading up to a big move. With a plethora of language learning apps like Duolingo available, they can now get ahead of the game by learning the basics in their own time using their smart-phone.

Translation apps

Basic things like reading a menu at a restaurant or understanding road signs become a thousand times easier with apps like Microsoft Translator. Users can access translations by speaking aloud, typing the text or taking a photo of the text they want to translate.

Grace Mobility services

Grace is an award-winning removalist company with decades of experience in employee mobility solutions. We know that a good relocation isn’t over once the employee is settled in their new accommodation which is why we provide up to six months of continued support to make sure that every detail is taken care of.

For more information about our mobility services, head to our website and contact one of our friendly staff today.