Smart Digital Solutions Tailored To You

Smart Digital Solutions Tailored To You

Our Tailored Digital Business Continuity Solutions

Grace Digital Office offers smart solutions to transform the way your business access your resources to ensure business continuity and smooth workflow for you, your employees and your clients. These options solution include:

Smart Digital Solutions Tailored To You
Enhanced Scan On Demand
Our Enhanced Scan On Demand solution enables seamless, efficient and secure process for digital file retrievals. Your documents are digitised and delivered via the Grace Digital Office – a secure, online central hub for managing data and documents, with VERS/GDPR compliance powered by ELO.
Our Enhanced Scan On Demand combines our document storage services, digitisation services and secure Grace Digital Office platform to allow you to access your resources anywhere, instantly.
Smart Digital Solutions Tailored To You
Digital Mailroom
We’ll redirect your incoming mail to a local Grace PO BOX, which we’ll then prepare, digitise and send you an electronic copy via our Grace Digital Office platform. We’ll work with you to further automate the classification process, so you don’t need to worry about pre-sorting.
Our Digital Mailroom uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to remember and automate the classification and data capture of your incoming (and outgoing) documents and correspondence.
Smart Digital Solutions Tailored To You
Grace Digital Office

The platform-independent and highly scalable solution will enable you to efficiently and securely receive the digital Enhanced Scan on Demands and/or Digital Mail. Offering high performance and a wide range of functions, ELO powered Grace Digital Office is ideal for meeting current Business Continuity Plans for staff working remotely. Ad-hoc workflows will enable you to create agile one-off business processes to keep your business moving.

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