The New South Wales government has announced a strategy to divide Sydney into three separate cities by the year 2056. The 40-year strategy will see Sydney split into Eastern, Central and Western –  a harbour-city, a riverside city surrounding Parramatta and a parklands city to the west of the M7.

Head of the Greater Sydney Commission, Lucy Turnbull, announced the plan to reshape Greater Sydney to help improve housing affordability and foster jobs.

Sydney’s Proposed Three Cities

  • Eastern Harbour City
    Building on its influence as a strong financial and professional city, the Eastern Harbour City will boost productivity and global connections on the famous coastal harbour setting.
  • Western Parklands City
    With the Western Sydney Airport and expected Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis, Western Sydney Parklands is tipped to be a strong trade, logistics and manufacturing economy in what is already being dubbed “the most connected place in Australia”. Jobs created here will centre around knowledge.
  • Central River City
    With its location in the heart of Greater Sydney, the Central River City will be enhanced with transport links and Parramatta will continue to grow and develop health, education and research institutions.

Greater Sydney Commission are also working with Transport Minister, Andrew Contance, to ensure the plan helps to ease congestion. The state government promises that by using a technology-focused approach, two-thirds of Sydney locals will have just a 30-minute commute between the three cities in 40 years.

Sustainability, Liveability and Productivity

Greater Sydney will be built using the natural landscape as an asset. The plan has taken into consideration the enhancement of waterways and biodiversity in the environment and also looks at resilience to bushfires and extreme heat.

The plan incorporates the future Badgerys Creel airport which Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull says will help to support tens of thousands of jobs.

The division of Sydney’s cities is set to be the solution to the city’s growth as it prepares for its population to grow from 4.8 million to eight million by 2056.

For more information on the New South Wales government’s plan for Sydney, or to make a submission, visit the Greater Sydney website.