Summer Crew Hints and Tips

Week 2 - Documentation

Correct documentation is just as important as packing the client’s items safely and securely. You are required to accurately complete the following forms depending on the stage of the move.


Inventory Condition Report

The Inventory Condition Report (ICR), as shown below, should provide a descriptive and thorough account of every item of the client’s inventory. Any damage should be noted using the corresponding symbols to ensure that any existing issues documented before the move. The customer’s signature is required at uplift and again at delivery once all items have been accounted for.

Click the button below to open the Inventory Condition Report.

Vehicle Condition Report

Cars, motorcycles, boats & trailers being received in to the warehouse for international shipping or storage who wish to place their vehicles in storage require a detailed inspection and completion of the Vehicle Condition Report which notes pre-existing damage and the overall condition of the vehicle.

Click the button below to open the Vehicle Condition Report.

Consignment Discrepancy Form

This a warehouse use form to be used when unloading import and interstate containers into the bond store or transit bays. It reports the condition of the container, the loading, missing items or additional items not shown on the packing list (ICR).

Click the button below to open the Consignment Discrepancy Form.

Storage Vehicles – Monthly Check

The monthly auto check for vehicles in storage monitors the condition of the vehicle while it is in storage with Grace. Each step should be actioned to ensure that when the client receives their vehicle back, it is in good working order.

Click the button below to open the Storage Vehicles – Monthly Check document.