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Record management is not about stuffing paper into boxes.

At Grace we not only follow the Australian and international standard for records management, AS ISO 15489, we exceed all the requirements of the qualification.

The Standard is more than just a bunch of random numbers; its pure existence acknowledges the importance of preserving records as a vital component of our society.

In fact, Australia was the first country in the world to develop a standard on records management. Following the approval and release of the Australian standard in 1995, the international records management community began to look at the concept of an international standard and the ISO 15489 was born.

AS ISO 15489, provides a framework for records management. Part 1 outlines:

  • the benefits of records management
  • the need to identify the regulatory environment in which a company/organisation operates
  • the importance of assigning responsibilities for records management.

Part 2 provides guidance on records management policies, roles and responsibilities;

  • developing records processes and controls to manage records through the use of tools such as thesauruses and disposal authorities
  • monitoring and auditing records systems to ensure that organisations meet legal and accountability requirements.

More information on AS ISO 15489 can be found at Standards Australia