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For any large organisation, there is one event which happens every working day, it is time consuming, staff intensive, prone to human error and boring; and it happens in the mailroom.

Opening the mail, sorting the mail, doing the data entry and distributing the mail and it should take as short a time as possible but usually doesn’t.

It is an ideal task to outsource. Outsourcing mailroom services can include:

  •     Collection from a postal depot or post office box
  •     Sorting
  •     Scanning, which includes classification and indexing
  •     Storage
  •     Delivery
  •     Destruction.

Removing these tasks from in-house operations does have a number of tangible benefits.

Reduces Paper

Top of the list is reducing the amount of paper which comes into the business. One of the services included in the Grace Information & Records Management (GIRM) Mailroom Services is scanning the hard copy mail, whenever possible, and forwarding it in digital format. An option is to have the hard copy stored offsite and indeed for some documents this may be necessary. Reducing paper is environmentally friendly as well.

No Junk, No Waste

Even if you have stipulated a “no junk” mail policy, some will inevitably get through and frequently there is mail which is mis-sorted, not yours at all. This mail won’t reach your business. It will be put into the rubbish, recycled or re-directed.

“All Sorted”

Mail is received, recorded, scanned, categorised and indexed by experienced staff according to your business rules. The mail is sorted according to your requirements and prioritised to ensure important mail is managed and distributed first. You may require mail to be sorted by division, by name or position, by mail type or a combination of these and distributed according to your requirements. All mail is tracked, so no more important documents going astray.


Scanning documents immediately on receipt makes them accessible, easily shared, easily stored and easily tracked. Delivery can be made direct to an individual and “priority” mail takes on a whole new meaning. Scanned documents will be delivered securely via Virtual Private Network (VPN), encrypted mail, Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and pin operated hard drive and in your choice of format such as JPEG, TIFF or PDF.

Storage and Destruction

In addition to the collection, classification and scanning, the hard copy you wish to keep can be stored offsite. This eliminates the need for the collection of documentation at a later stage for storage or secure destruction or both. Less handling, less cost and less risk of loss.

Reduced waste, increased efficiency, reduced risk and increased flexibility. These compelling outcomes should seriously prompt you to re-assess your mailroom operations.