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The mailroom is often considered the most boring section of an organisation, but get it wrong and there will be trouble.

For large organisations, the mail room is the hub for disseminating incoming mail and courier deliveries, particularly for paper-based mail which has not significantly decreased, even with the increase of digital processes.

Considering the importance of the mailroom, it is surprising that this is an area of the business which is often overlooked for improvement in elements such as changed processes or implementing technology.


For a number of organisations, the answer is to outsource the mailroom to companies specialising in mailroom services. This is the first and biggest step in streamlining the mailroom. The whole service can be outsourced, or you can outsource selected functions depending on your requirements.

Post Office Collection

Grace Information Management ensures mail is collected at the earliest possible time from Australia Post and taken back to base for sorting and document scanning. The sorting is done according to customer requirements and their business rules such as sorting by division, mail type or recipient or a combination of rules. Junk mail doesn’t make it through your front door, an instant reduction in paper and time saved by not having to deal with it.


According to customer requirements mail is scanned immediately after sorting and “delivered” by various means which suit the customer, such as secured hard drive, Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), VPN or encrypted email and in an appropriate format, usually PDF but can also be JPEG, TIFF or other.

Again the amount of paper received is significantly reduced and the documents can be delivered rapidly, with ongoing storage requirements also reduced.

Hard Copy

There will, of course, be items which cannot be scanned and they are delivered as normal. The mail items which have been scanned can also be delivered, they can be put into storage or they can be securely destroyed. It will depend on the documents, how they will be used in the future and also the significance of the item to the customer.

Records Management

The result of outsourcing mailroom services?  Mail sorted, rapid deployment, reduced paper, documents in a format enabling easy sharing and efficient storage and retrieval.  All of which assist in effective records management.