Playing sport is a great way to meet new people and socialise as well as stay fit. Many popular sports are seasonal which means there comes a time in the year when you can no longer wear those skis or use that cricket bat.

If your sporting equipment is taking up too much space in the garage or the house, it’s time to consider self storage. Storage modules come in a range of sizes and can fit anything from a snowmobile or dirt bike to an entire bedroom suite, skis included.

Storage comes in handy for a range of sporting athletes:

The occasional athlete

If you’re not committed to a sport all year round, or you can only take part in a particular season of the year, you’ll find that sporting equipment is going to get in the way around the house. If you’re a family of occasional bike riders but need the space in your garage for the family car, self storage can provide you with that space.

The extreme athlete

If you’re the adrenaline junky who likes to spend summer on the back of a jet ski and winter on the back of a dirt bike, then storage is perfect for you! Bulky equipment, helmets and gear takes up much of the space in a garage. Not only is space an issue, but also the security of your expensive gear. Protect your equipment and gear when you’re not using them by securing them in a self storage facility.

The indecisive athlete

One day you’re a professional fisherman, the next, a body builder. If you’re an athlete who changes their mind from season to season, storage can help you keep your equipment, uniforms and gear safe and secure until you come back for them.

The family of athletes

When the family gets into sport, it’s very rare that they’re into the same ones. As the children grow, they become more inclined to try different sports as the influences around them change. Store the family’s sporting equipment in a secure and convenient self storage module so you can access what you need, when you need it.

Grace self storage

Grace is the self storage experts in Sydney. We offer solutions to fit a whole range of needs. Choose from our range of tailored services including our convenient packing and loading service. Or, pack the module yourself and we’ll come pick it up when you’re done, and store it neatly in our secure storage facility for safe keeping.