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When it comes to inner-city apartment living, it’s usually a case of convenience over space and while it’s handy to walk to work, odds are it’s not all that easy to find somewhere to park a truck. When it comes to self storage, people often think that hiring their own truck to move their belongings into a storage unit is is the cheapest and fastest way. At Grace, our Self Storage comes to you so there’s no need for a truck or double handling. We’ve outlined 5 advantages of simple Self Storage delivered to your door.

Tight on Time

Renting a truck always sounds more convenient than it actually is. The reality is, hiring hours are often in blocks of time which means you’ll inevitably end up paying more. Truck hire companies are generally not in convenient locations, so you’ll need to factor in the drive time to collect the truck. Grace Self Storage modules are delivered directly to your doorstep and once you’ve loaded it, our team will collect it and store it for you.

Money Matters

If you’ve ever tried to hire a truck, you’ll know that finding one in a suitable size isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s either too small which means you’ll have to make multiple trips, or on the other hand, it’s large enough to move the whole neighborhood. A Grace Self Storage module comfortably fits the contents of a two-bedroom apartment while it’s compact size means Grace can deliver it direct to your door.

Don’t Double Handle  

The advantage of a Grace Self Storage module is that you only load your goods once. There’s no need to load your items into a truck and then lug them into a storage unit at the other end. We’ll deliver a self-storage module direct to your door and once it’s loaded we’ll take it away and store it till you need it back.  

Fantastically Flexible

When it comes to storage, flexibility is key. Whether you’re in between places, renovating, making space for guests or keeping your collectables, our contract-free self storage solutions are here when you need them, for as long as you need them.

Load 4U

Grace Self Storage is the ultimate in convenience. If you’ve got your hands tied juggling work, life and family, our Load 4U service can deliver, pack and store your self storage module. Our team of handy packers will arrive with specifically designed boxes and packing materials, leaving you with more time and space.