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Queensland and Western Australia are the most popular states to relocate to, according to the latest figures by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

For the year ending 31 December 2012, Queensland recorded the highest gains from net interstate migration with an overall increase of 11,400 people. Western Australia was only marginally behind with 10,400 people while Canberra gained an extra 1900 Australians and Victoria gained 1700.

By comparison, net losses from interstate migration were recorded in New South Wales (17,800 people), South Australia (3,300 people), Tasmania (2,700 people) and the Northern Territory (1,700 people).

Along with the 2012 figures, the ABS also revealed this week the final results from the 2011 Census. These figures showed that 1.75 million Australians moved interstate during 2006-2011 period. Not surprisingly, Queensland was state of choice, with 70,500 Australians relocating there. A further 24,500 people moved to Western Australia. Overall, New South Wales showed the biggest loss with 88,700 residents leaving the state in the five-year period.

On the east coast, it was hard to see which state was more appealing. Over the five year period, the largest interstate movement was the 278,400 persons moving from New South Wales to Queensland. However, the second largest movement was the inverse of this, with 209,700 persons moving from Queensland to New South Wales. The next largest movement was the 139,900 persons moving from New South Wales to Victoria.

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