Speed and information management

Speed of information access is a principal consideration across every industry sector. The faster information can be accessed, the more fluidly an organisation can respond to changing situations. In finance, on-demand information access is a crucial customer service point of difference, with clients often choosing banks, insurance companies and mortgage brokers based on their response times.

In healthcare, where lives are often on the line, the stakes are higher. Timely information access allows medical staff to make faster, better-informed decisions, and ultimately increases the quality of treatment outcomes. For the legal sector, speed of information access has a direct bearing on how responsive legal teams are to case developments, how well they communicate with clients, and how much of their time is externally billable.

All information management companies understand how important fast data access is. But not all of them are equipped to support high-level needs. The best providers deliver physical documents twice per day as a standard service, and can deliver urgent files within three hours. They also provide solutions that make entire archives available digitally, so files can be intuitively searched and retrieved more swiftly than physical delivery allows. Scan-on-demand solutions also help speed delivery of physical archives not previously converted to a digital format.

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