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Making information management (IM) an integral part of your business activities will help your company develop a ‘sound approach’ to IM, says an expert.

According to Joe Shepley, US-based strategy consultant and author of eBook ‘Measuring Return on Knowledge in a Big Data World’, many companies today are simply getting IM wrong.

“If we continue to chase the latest fad technology capability we’ll keep yo-yoing between content bloat here, over-retention there, and the road to managing our information more effectively will continue to be littered with digital landfill after digital landfill — only the acronyms will change, the same fundamental problems will remain,” he said in an article posted on website

He advises following three simple steps to overhaul the effectiveness of your company’s IM. These are:

  1. Understand How IM Impacts Your Value Chain
  2. Make IM an Integral Part of Business Activities
  3. Own It

One way to ensure IM is an integral part of your business activities and receives the resources it deserves is to outsource.

At Grace Information Management, we provide the systems, processes and technologies to effectively manage your information electronically. But we don’t do this in isolation; we consult with you to ensure IM is given the importance it deserves in your organisation.

Our expert consultants will analyse the exact requirements for your business, then provide suitable options for cost-effective solutions and project plans.

So don’t chase the latest fad technology; contact us and find out how you can overhaul the effectiveness of your company’s IM today.