self storage

Smartbox was created to provide an easy, hassle-free and reliable solution for moving and storage. Grace became the new owners of Smartbox in 2015, expanding the storage services offered in Sydney and Melbourne. Grace’s extensive experience within the removals and storage industry has since been enhanced by the unique model of Smartbox, allowing us to deliver reliable, secure and convenient mobile self storage services.

Hassle-free mobile self storage

Putting the power back in your hands, Smartbox by Grace allows you to pack your storage box from home. We look after the delivery, pick up and storage side of things so you don’t have to.

We provide a simple solution to decluttering, moving and storage by bringing it directly to you. We provide a range of Smartbox sizes so you can put things into storage easily.

Save time and effort with Smartbox by Grace’s simple storage solution:

  1. We deliver the Smartbox to you
  2. You pack the Smartbox
  3. We pick it up and store it for you

The Smartbox is locked securely by you and transported by us to our storage facility in Sydney or Melbourne. Protected by state-of-the-art security, you can rest assured your belongings are safe. Our storage facilities are also accessible. Simply give us notice and we’ll have your Smartbox ready for you when you get here.

Packing and loading service

At Smartbox by Grace, we understand that it takes time to pack a storage box. There’s also an art to packing in such a way that protects your belongings from potential damage. That’s why we offer a professional packing and loading service. Using Grace’s experience in the removals and storage industry, we can expertly pack and load your Smartbox before placing in storage.

We can also help keep your household items and furniture protected in storage with our packing supplies, boxes and essential tools. Our packing boxes are available in a range of sizes to suit any Smartbox contents.

Speak to us today to arrange a convenient mobile self storage solution.