Living in an inner-city apartment can have its challenges when it comes to space. Small one-bedroom apartments can get quickly get cramped and your ‘stuff’ can really start to get in your way. We’ve got 6 smart small space choices to help you get more room to live.

1. Fabulously Functional Furniture

When it comes to furniture, make every piece count. Go for functional as well as aesthetic. Multi-function furniture is a storage lifesaver, especially when it comes to storing blankets, shoes and bags. For example, a sofa with storage will add a whole extra storage area to your living room.

2. Make More With Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way of creating space where there isn’t any. A large mirror can instantly create the illusion of space and if placed correctly can brighten up even the tiniest room. Combine the mirror with an interesting frame to create a sense of style.

3. Built In Is Better

Built in wardrobes and bookshelves provide a lot more space than a bulky piece of free-standing furniture. Specifically, in regards to wardrobes, a built in gives you access to a lot more vertical space which allows you to store less frequently used items up higher. Built in shelves can act as both a display and as practical storage

4. Deliberate Decor

Small spaces can easily get cluttered. Don’t be tempted to put everything you own on display. Curate your space by displaying a selection of your decor and storing the rest. Embrace change and rotate frequently to keep the space fresh.  

5. Think Vertical

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, try experimenting with better use of your wall space. Think vertically and choose tall, slim pieces that create length. Try hanging your paintings higher on the wall to effect a sense of height. Use brackets and wall mount shelving to make better use of space. Hanging pots and pans in the kitchen is a great way to free up cupboard space.

6. Small Space Storage Solution

Sometimes, there’s only so much you can pack into a small space. Instead of throwing your things away, try temporary mobile self-storage. For less than a coffee a day, you can safely store your items till you need them again.