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A small business moving premises can be a good sign, especially if it’s because you’ve outgrown your office. However, moving can also be tiring, daunting and time consuming, especially if you’re already stretched for time. With proper planning and professional help, Grace can help make your move manageable and lighten your logistics load.


Plan Ahead

As a small business owner, you’re probably already doing way more than you have time for, and adding a mammoth task like an office relocation to the list might just send you mad. When it comes to moving your business, minimising downtime is crucial and the only way to keep in control is by planning ahead. Start by booking a removalist at least two months in advance of your ideal moving date, and then focus on the essentials – internet, phones, utilities and storage. Regardless of whether you’re moving two or ten people, make a list and get started early.


Take Stock

Daily life in a small business is busy, and in between juggling your workload with clients, staff and personal life it can all get a bit chaotic. Over time, offices of all sizes tend to collect ‘things’ like random stationery and broken keyboards, so before you pack up empty printer cartridges and un-used equipment, take stock of what’s around you. Assign people different areas of responsibility to sort before the move, paying particular attention to hoarding hot-spots like the mug collection in the kitchen cupboard, dry highlighters in the stationery drawer and the random bits and bobs in the third draw down. Before you get ruthless, consider donating any surplus or redundant computer equipment to a local charity or recycling facility.


Don’t DIY

In a small business budget often drives decisions, especially when time equals money. While some business owners will try to handle a move themselves to save money, it can end up costing them a lot more. Before you think about what you could save by moving yourself, have a think about what you stand to lose by doing something you’re not trained to do. Not only is computer equipment heavy and tricky to move, it’s also fragile, and your business depends on it. Physically moving this important equipment aside, moving can be mentally draining, leaving you exhausted and forced to drag the process out for longer than necessary.

To avoid a DIY disaster, always use a business relocation specialist that knows how to pack and move sensitive equipment properly and professionally.  You’ll not only save time but you’ll also be full of energy and ready to get stuck into business once everything has been unloaded at your new premises.

In the last 100 years, Grace removals has helped small businesses of all kinds relocate, from corner stores to corporations. Our office relocations team can help you project manage, pack and unpack your office – so let us focus on moving  while you focus on your business.