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From plumbers’ cracks to snake oil salesmen, every industry has their stereotypical myths. Self Storage is no different. We’ve been moving and storing for over 100 years and in that time, we’ve heard it all. We recently sat down with our customer support team to get the lowdown on the top five self storage myths.

Self storage is always in the middle of nowhere 

Back in the day, self storage facilities were generally located in more industrial focused areas and a little further from the centre of the city – but that was then. Nowadays, self storage is used for both industrial and residential storage. Changing times meant that we’ve redefined convenience, so you no longer need to go to self storage because self storage comes to you. In our centenary of experience, we’ve learnt that when it comes to self storage, access and ease are what make the difference and it doesn’t get any easier than storage to your doorstep.  

 I can store whatever I want in my storage unit

While we do love to be accommodating, for both your safety and ours, we have to draw the line somewhere. Over the years we’ve had some odd requests and discovered all sorts of strange storage items, but as a rule of thumb, living things like plants don’t fare well in storage. And if you’ve got a penchant for pyrotechnics, it’s probably best to check with us as there’s certain things that you can’t store.  

Self storage units are dingy 

At some point in time, a myth surfaced that if a block of land was good for nothing, it was used for self storage. If this is where your head is at, then it’s obviously been a while since you stored anything. Modern self storage is anything but dingy, in fact we’re pretty certain you can see your reflection in our floor. Our facilities are clean, feature state-of-the-art alarm systems and CCTV systems, have security staff on standby and are modern, clean and tidy and most importantly, pest and vermin-free.  

People sleep in self storage units

They definitely don’t sleep in ours! Think of it this way, self storage is a hotel for your things, not for you. While our facilities are clean and safe enough to sleep in, they’re definitely not intended to be slept in. Plus, with storage that comes to you, there’s no need for you to sleep in your unit.  

If your site is so secure, why do I need insurance?

Touché to the person that asked this question. Our self storage facilities are safe, patrolled, dry and pest-free, but keeping safe is about more than that. Insurance covers you for accidental damage, which is, well, accidental. Say, for example, someone drives into our truck on the way to our facility, insurance would cover you for that. Insurance doesn’t mean that our facilities aren’t up to scratch, it means you’re protected against unexpected events. If our growing list of happy customers tells us anything, it’s that self storage isn’t the dirty, dreaded, rip-off people think it is. Don’t take our word for it, though. Have a look for yourself.