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With house prices rising faster than you can say ‘self-storage’ – more and more Australians are turning to high-density apartment living. The reality is that by Sydney standards, living close to the city often means sacrificing space for convenience. The disconnect is that while we’re opting for smaller, more affordable homes, we usually don’t own less stuff. As our living spaces get smaller, we’re having to start thinking “outside the square” when it comes to storage. Our storage experts have put together 6 self-storage considerations to help you make smart storage choices. 


When it comes to self-storage, people generally base their decisions on the bottom line, often without reading the fine print. Cheaper storage solutions generally have limitations around opening hours, so depending on how often you need your items, it’s always best to check accessibility. You never know when the in-laws will fly in for a surprise visit.


If you’re opting for mobile self storage, you won’t actually know where your goods are being stored. While you may think it’s out of sight, out of mind, levels of insurance and security differ greatly between storage companies. Make a note to ask your storage company about CCTV surveillance and whether they have staff on standby in the case of an alarm breach.


It’s no secret that the closer you are to the city, the more expensive land is. Before committing to storage – check the exact location of the facility. You might think you’re saving money by opting for the cheaper unit, but if it takes you over an hour in traffic to get there, it’s probably not worth it. Save yourself the commute and opt for a mobile self storage option.


People very rarely get the amount of storage space right. The size of our household items is deceptive. You might think you can cram your three bedroom apartment into storage the size of a studio apartment, but it’s probably not going to end well. Take the guesswork out of calculating space and use our storage calculator when evaluating the safest and most cost effective storage solution.


When it comes to self storage, you have two options: traditional fixed storage and mobile self storage. The main difference is that mobile storage comes to you, thereby eliminating any double handling and travel time. If you’re time poor, moving extra heavy items, or live up a few flights of stairs, our Load4U service can help you pack and unpack your self-storage module, adding an extra layer of convenience.