Grace Information Management Blog

How much is security awareness part of your enterprises’ culture, and what sources of risk have you identified? This was a question that we asked ourselves at Grace, as our business is ensuring our client’s information is securely maintained.

Every day, all of us receive e-mails that are increasingly the source of viral infection for our information systems. Potentially, anyone can unwittingly open an e-mail or an attachment and launch a virus that can range from the benign to the catastrophic. Having everyone in your organisation aware of this risk, and trained to be on the lookout for suspicious e-mails is therefore, a business-critical priority.

While e-mail security is something that Grace has emphasised, we always believe that one can never be too careful. This is why in Q2 of this year, every Grace employee will participate in an externally provided e-mail security awareness training course, this course will specifically train and test staff on ever increasing sophisticated efforts of those who try to cause trouble in cyberspace.